Amanda M

Amanda Metcalf received her Occupational Therapy degree from Newcastle University in 2002. Since this time, Amanda has enjoyed many opportunities for growth both professionally and personally as she has worked with adults and children, whilst having three children of her own.

Amanda has a very holistic approach to therapy which is family centred and encompasses all areas of a child’s life. Amanda values quality assessment, observation and therapy where a child lives, learns and plays.

Amanda enjoys working with children of all ages and is known to be always on the lookout for and creating fun and exciting resources which translate into engaging and enjoyable therapy sessions.

As well as being fun and playful, Amanda believes in therapy being meaningful and purposeful. Individual and family goals are always considered in preparation for every session and families are supported as they complete personal and achievable home based programs.

Amanda understands the daily management and logistics of family life! As an OT, Amanda strives to accommodate the best service delivery for you. Whether that be in our warm and homely clinic, your home or school/day care facility.

Amanda loves to see children make progress at THEIR rate and enjoys the stories, smiles, laughter and creativity that comes with the children she works with.

A fun fact: Amanda loves to sing and dance. If you walk into the room without her knowing, you may find her doing this!

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