Chloe | Ability Focus Occupational Therapy


Chloe has always had a passion for helping people reach their full potential in life despite any obstacles that may be in their way. This passion lead her to a degree in Occupational Therapy, graduating from the University of Newcastle in 2016. Whilst completing her degree, she followed her passion of working with children and families to a part-time job in early childhood education.

Chloe has now devoted her career to helping children and families as an Occupational Therapist. You will find her as a caring OT who loves to work in collaboration with the child, family and anyone else involved in the child’s life. She absolutely loves to learn new things and the children she works with are teaching her new things every day! Sometimes she even loves to act like a ‘big kid’ which turns therapy into something fun and achievable for the children.

Fun fact: Chloe loves to help children and families all over the world and she was even lucky enough to spend some time as an Occupational Therapy student working with children in Fiji!

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