Correct seating position

Written by Claire Dedden – Occupational Therapist

Does your child have trouble focussing when they are handwriting?

Has their preschool or primary teacher identified difficulties with pencil grip?

Maybe your child complains that they are ‘too tired’ and slouches when they are seated at a desk?

Are they struggling with letter formation or slope?

Click to watch a video of Mr Z working on correct seating position in his sessions with OT Claire D

These issues could all be associated with incorrect seating position when handwriting or using a device at a desk (which has become part of our ‘new normal’ with home-schooling and Telehealth therapies). They can affect a child’s ability to do their best at school and enjoy activities at home – right from the time they get ready to transition to kindergarten, through to high school where they are required to do more complex tasks and concentrate for longer periods of time.

Contact us today to book an appointment with an OT who can:

  • Assess your child’s seating position
  • Provide handy tips for practicing at home and at school
  • Suggest helpful and affordable equipment that will help your child feel more comfortable and focussed at their desk

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