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About Ability Focus Occupational Therapy for Children and Families

Ability Focus Occupational Therapy (AFOT) provides assessment and therapy for children and adolescents. We offer clinic based treatment options at Georgetown as well as a mobile service for the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie regions.

Ability Focus Occupational Therapy was born in 2013 by colleagues Rachel Elliott & Rhiannon Pilgrim. Since then the AFOT family has grown and we now have an amazing team of OTs and an incredible Practice Manager, Tim. Have a peek at our staff profiles to get to know us.

Our team share a common view in working with children & families ensuring that services are family focused and collaborative. We know the importance of consistency amongst therapists, so aside from being different people you can be assured that we all work the same as each other and you will be getting looked after no matter who your OT is.

Each OT takes a functional and practical approach to therapy; whatever we do at the clinic you can do at home. We know the importance of empowering the family and a big part of our approach is giving you some extra tools you as parents can use to help your child.

What our families love is the real family feel they get when you embark on your OT journey with us. You and your child will get to know not just your own OT but you’ll see the others around from time to time and may even stop to have a chat to them. Tim is always around and the kids love seeing him just as much as seeing their OT – sometimes they just want to hang out with Tim.

As a team, we are constantly upskilling ourselves and attend at least two formal courses a year in addition to constant research and mentoring. This ensures that your OT is always using best practice and evidence based strategies.


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